December 2013

We missed Pulau Jarak this year! Though not a hughly popular dive site in Malaysia, many newbies would hv shared memorable OW certification  experience there. Also the exceptional hardcore divers and Jarak loyalties would loved to dive there again! Alas,but not to be this December 2013. The consolation is that Kaleebso and Jarak divers would not be subject to the very uncertain rainy and windy weather nowadays if we were to make the five hour boat ride. Read the news that unexpected heavy rai and wind and flooding already hitting the East coats states at this moment of writing. We pray for their safety and well being in their daily lives with the changing weather of late.

So what hv the Kaleebso crew been doing since trips stopped in November? on going boat maintenance as usual, checking engines, gearbox and propulsion, painting , slipway maintenance , plugging leaks from heavy rain…etc etc…never ending…all worthy to achieve safety and well being whenever we are onboard.

In between, we still spend some time in Parit Baru, nearby Sabak Bernam to maintain a new base comprising a wooden house by the river side with boat berthing facility and a pontoon getaway on the river Sg Bernam.

Need the excercise and some usual sea breeze too. Hopefully December 2015 will see us back there…hopefully. Cheers.

ps,,,Not forgetting, it is getting near celabration times too! Merry Christmas to All and also Best Wishes for the New Year 2014. May All be bleesed with Good Fortune in many ways and the Best of weather and divesites in 2015!


Dive Tioman Waters this 2013

Time really flies nowadays. This is now the year of the water snake or scuba snake. Say goodbye to the Dragon. Lets live up to the expectations of a great time diving  and enjoying sunshine LOB again this May 2013  at  Tioman waters !

January 2012 Dragon Year Diving Trips

Best Wishes to All this Chinese New Year festival of the Dragon Year and hopefully we will be able to weather most of the dive conditions this year of the auspicious Water Dragon. Time turn fast and wait for no one just like the ever flowing tide and we must realise that we need to be aware of our earthly properties and work together with nature.

In no time at all after finishing our usual maintenance works this March 2012 we will be off to the East Coast Blue waters of Tioman and Aur diving. This is in anticipation that the usual North East monsoon would hv done a good job of getting the best blue waters of the South China Sea into our usual dive sites!

See All of you soon on the East coast!

October 6th 2011……Last trip to Tioman before the NE Monsoon sets in.

The local weather has been quite choppy though manaegable over the the last week or so which mark the rainy spell of the 9th  Emperor Rain God. This time also mark the start of the NE monsoon wind which will gradually set in  towards end October onwards. However the present transition from South, Southwest to start of North East brings plenty of rainfall over short spells of thunderstorm.

Following this trip the boat will do the end of east coast season pilgrimage to the west coast of Perak for diving at Pulau Jarak and Sembilans. Dive trips will start on October 22nd being the first outing. Pulau Jarak is a unique island in the middle of the straits of Malacca which is totally covered in lush tropical forest…really green in the middle of the sea. It offers various divesites like moray harem, south highway, coral whip garden, snapper den, and of course the chalenging pinacle.

Happy New Year 2011 at Pulau Jarak

Welcome to Pualu Jarak diving for the New Year 2011 which runs up to March 2011. This is a beautiful island in the middle of the straits of Malacca that reminds us of the tropical forest found on the Peninsula, a small patch of forest in the middle of nowhere with eagles plying the sea draught and numerous other bird species besides the rich marine life and divesite there.

A great diving getaway holiday for the weekend as it is just a reasonable distance from shore as well as from Kuala Lumpur.It is just a short 2.5 hr drive from K Lumpur on the coastal road from Kuala Selangor, then Tanjong karang, Sekinchan, Sabak Bernam and the simpang ampat traffic lights crossroad where the left turn head to Hutan Melintang.As you head towards Hutan Melintang just abt 2km down the road look for a right turn coastal road to Bagan Datoh/Sg Tiang. There is a signboard on left of road just before the turn.As you turn into this road look for Bagan Datoh milestone 32Km after which you will see Parit 4 signboard/kaleebso signboard to turn left. Follow signboard to boarding point which is just beside a small chinese temple.

GPS coordinates at boarding point is 03 51.289 N and 100 50.545E.

Diving at Pulau Jarak off Perak coast 2010

Diving at Jarak starts November 2010 to Mar 2011. Along the same route is Pulau Sembilans, a cluster of small island off  Bagan Datoh which is one of the few divesites in Malaysia that holds the coloured seahorse whose colour ranges from black , grey, white to the bright orange.

Jarak is popular with divers who sought a quiet diving weekend trip nearby while the monsoon rain and winds batter the East coast divesites. This site is also good for sailfish sightings during the day and often just under the boats spotlights at night. Those interested in some recreational fishing at night after the days diving will not be disappointed with the variety of pelagic fish like trevallys and bottom feeders like groupers and snappers.

Popular divesites are moray harem, highway, snappers den, coral whip garden and the pinnacle.

Coral bleaching at Tioman 2010

Further to the news on the papers as to the global warming causing a temperature rise in local seawaters and contributing to coral bleaching, The Tioman Marine Park has restricted diving to the following divesites….Malang Rock, Renggis and Soyak. The other usual divesites remain open to recreational diving. Hopefully all divers should take extra precaution while diving so as not to contribute further to the degradation of the coral reef at all marine parks. Happy diving with conservation in mind. Cheers.


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