Diving at Pulau Jarak off Perak coast 2010

Diving at Jarak starts November 2010 to Mar 2011. Along the same route is Pulau Sembilans, a cluster of small island off  Bagan Datoh which is one of the few divesites in Malaysia that holds the coloured seahorse whose colour ranges from black , grey, white to the bright orange.

Jarak is popular with divers who sought a quiet diving weekend trip nearby while the monsoon rain and winds batter the East coast divesites. This site is also good for sailfish sightings during the day and often just under the boats spotlights at night. Those interested in some recreational fishing at night after the days diving will not be disappointed with the variety of pelagic fish like trevallys and bottom feeders like groupers and snappers.

Popular divesites are moray harem, highway, snappers den, coral whip garden and the pinnacle.


Coral bleaching at Tioman 2010

Further to the news on the papers as to the global warming causing a temperature rise in local seawaters and contributing to coral bleaching, The Tioman Marine Park has restricted diving to the following divesites….Malang Rock, Renggis and Soyak. The other usual divesites remain open to recreational diving. Hopefully all divers should take extra precaution while diving so as not to contribute further to the degradation of the coral reef at all marine parks. Happy diving with conservation in mind. Cheers.

Job opportunities

March 3, 2010. Kaleebso has vacancy for up to 2 deckhands.Reasonable remuneration . Accomodation and refreshments provided.Duties includes safe-keeping of boat, house-keeping of boat, and learning the art of the trade of boating and scuba diving. School leavers wanting a short stint on the boat is encouraged on a sporting basis.This  also offers a  serious career consideration into the boating and scuba diving industry for those who really loves the sea and boating activities.

Contact K L Loh at 012-3980875 0r email at lohklee09@gmail.com.

Thanks for your support!

During Jan 2010 and Feb 2010 Kaleebso managed to obtain port clearance from the local Jabatan Laut Office at Bagan Datoh to holiday and dive at Pulau Jarak. There are currently no restriction whatsoever put on this island as noted by the local Port Offfice and the public can visit the island anytime with proper documents and boating licence in place. Divesites like Moray Harem, Highway, whipcoral Garden, snappers den, the Pinnacle has continued to flourish  and delight local divers visiting these divesites. However, visits to this island is coming to a stop by end March 2010 as our beloved East Coast diving re opens from the usual monsoon which lasts till March.

Comes mid April, Kaleebso will make its way to Enday to start trips to the Southern Islands by end April 2010 onwards. Hope and pray that the whalesharks are still around when we get there.

Anytime December 2009 to March 2010, a river cruise on Sg Bernam river system starting at Hutan Melintang on a 2D1N programme is a friendly one for those who want to enjoy the living on liveaboards but want to avoid being sea-sick . The waters on the river system is calm and friendly with the fresh air and windly spells abound for a pleasant boat ride.You can take in the natural sights of the river banks with its quaint houses on stilts and plentiful fishing boats and their catch for the day. Enjoy a sumptous dinner on aboard  on calm waters and good wind for a change and experience spending a night onboard a liveaboard.

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