October 6th 2011……Last trip to Tioman before the NE Monsoon sets in.

The local weather has been quite choppy though manaegable over the the last week or so which mark the rainy spell of the 9th  Emperor Rain God. This time also mark the start of the NE monsoon wind which will gradually set in  towards end October onwards. However the present transition from South, Southwest to start of North East brings plenty of rainfall over short spells of thunderstorm.

Following this trip the boat will do the end of east coast season pilgrimage to the west coast of Perak for diving at Pulau Jarak and Sembilans. Dive trips will start on October 22nd being the first outing. Pulau Jarak is a unique island in the middle of the straits of Malacca which is totally covered in lush tropical forest…really green in the middle of the sea. It offers various divesites like moray harem, south highway, coral whip garden, snapper den, and of course the chalenging pinacle.


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