December 2013

We missed Pulau Jarak this year! Though not a hughly popular dive site in Malaysia, many newbies would hv shared memorable OW certification  experience there. Also the exceptional hardcore divers and Jarak loyalties would loved to dive there again! Alas,but not to be this December 2013. The consolation is that Kaleebso and Jarak divers would not be subject to the very uncertain rainy and windy weather nowadays if we were to make the five hour boat ride. Read the news that unexpected heavy rai and wind and flooding already hitting the East coats states at this moment of writing. We pray for their safety and well being in their daily lives with the changing weather of late.

So what hv the Kaleebso crew been doing since trips stopped in November? on going boat maintenance as usual, checking engines, gearbox and propulsion, painting , slipway maintenance , plugging leaks from heavy rain…etc etc…never ending…all worthy to achieve safety and well being whenever we are onboard.

In between, we still spend some time in Parit Baru, nearby Sabak Bernam to maintain a new base comprising a wooden house by the river side with boat berthing facility and a pontoon getaway on the river Sg Bernam.

Need the excercise and some usual sea breeze too. Hopefully December 2015 will see us back there…hopefully. Cheers.

ps,,,Not forgetting, it is getting near celabration times too! Merry Christmas to All and also Best Wishes for the New Year 2014. May All be bleesed with Good Fortune in many ways and the Best of weather and divesites in 2015!