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May-October 2012 /Route to Tg Gemuk/Endau/Penyabung  

Tg Gemuk is on the Pahang side of the river system.Endau is on the Johor side!!Anyway it is about the same boarding location. Also Penyabung is a friendly boarding jetty nearby.Anyway the best way from Kuala Lumpur if you are driving a car is down the KL-Seremban highway.Along the highway and just after the turning to Seremban, take the Senawang Exit and follow the main centre road till the end which is a T-junction traffic lights.(Pass thru all the traffic light junctions along this road.)Take the right turn to Kuala Pilah and go to the end of this road which is the town centre of K Pilah and is a T junction traffic lights.Take the left turn towards Bahau.Ignore the first right turn to Bahau.A little further is Batu Kikir village and then a secound right turn to Bahau which you will ignore as well. Further on will be the third right turn which carries signage to Kuantan, Kuala Rompin, Muadzzam Shah, Jempol etc. Take the right turn here and shortly ahead is a cross road trffic lights which if go right will take you to Bahau as well.Go straight ahead at 12 oclock direction and abt 70 km later is the end of the road which is a T junction traffic lights.Turn left towards Kuantan/Muadzzam Shah.Further on abt 25km look for a left exit to Muadzzam Shah. Follow signboard to Muaddzam Shah and along the road (just shortly ahead) later ignore the left turn to Muadzam Shah. Just continue straight ahead abt 70 km towards Kuala Rompin.At the end of this road is a T junction.Turn right to Kuala Rompin which is abt 15km or so and then on to Tg Gemuk shortly as well.If you need to go to Penyabung,  after the bridge at Endau take the left turn after the first traffic lights and an overhead pedestrian crossing.(follow road signage) Take note that the road leading to Penyabung runs abt 20 degrees on the left turn rather than the one at right angle to the main road at this very juntion.It will take another 15km to Penyabung which is at the end of the road with a car park and a sturdy wooden jetty.  

Directions to Parit 4 Jan – Mar 2012 

Directions to boarding jetty Parit 4.From Kuala Lumpur starting at Selayang (next to Batu Cave area) go towards Rawang passing templers Park. Look for the newly opened Latar Highway to Kuala Selangor. As the highway which is to reach Lumut in the future is unfinished the exit is to follow the Kuala Selangor signboard. From K Selangor head for Tg Karang, Sekinchan, Sg  Besar, Sabak Bernam and finally the simpang empat traffic lights crossroad. Take the left turn to Hutan Melintang. Along the road look for right turn to Sg Tiang/Bgn Datok coastal road. There is big blue sign just b4 the junction.Once into the road you will see a milestone  to Bgn Datok 40km. Drive on this bumpy( slow drive) road till the milestone is 32km. Immediately after the 32km milestone is the Parit 4 signboard as well as the Kaleebso sign. Follow sign to jetty. After unloading yr dive gear there will be a guide to help  park yr car at rm10 for the weekend at a private lot.

October 2012  

Safari Dive Trip from Pulau Tioman-Pulau Aur-Maritime Fidelity Freighter-Singapore-Johor coast-Port Klang-Tg Karang over 6D6NBoarding at Tg Gemuk/Endau anytime past noon on the 7th November 2009 First Day diving Tioman Divesites and also duty free shopping at Tekek  

Second Day diving at Bahara Rock, Pulau Jahat,Pemanggil, and night dive at Pulau Aur  

Third Day diving at Pulau Aur Divesites  

Fourth Day diving at Maritime Fidelity wreck……open sea diving  

This wreck is at 80 ft on her decks and 140ft on the sands….plenty of schooling jacks, barracudas, batfish, skipjack tuna, hugh groupers and snappers!!  

Fifth Day is non diving day  

Enjoy the night lights passing Singapore waters and the cool breeze and a cold beer.  

Sixth Day is a non diving day  

Coastal cruising up the west coast passing Johore, Muar, Melaka and finally Port Klang in Selangor waters.We stop at Tg Karang, a sleepy fishing village about one hour from Kuala Lumpur.  

April 2010  

West to East Safari over 5D5N. Start at Tg Karang and via Port Kelang headed South to past Melaka, Johor and Singapore waters to the East Coast. After 36 hrs non stop cruise we arrive at the Maritime Fidelity wreck off Desaru. This bulk carrier is abt 250 ft lenth and 80 feet width at 80ft the shallow deck. To the bottom is a challenging 140 ft. An exciting and challenging wreck with hugh groupers, snappers , jacks, tuna, fusiliers and batman of course and numerous other fish life!  

Then on is to Pulau Aur for the night and the next day’s diving before heading to Endau after the day’s diving.



Feb-Mar 2010/ Route to Hutan Melintang  

West coast diving starts at Pulau Jarak and Pulau SembilansDive activities like setting up of mooring lines to protect divevesites from unwanton anchor activities by non diving boats help preserve coral sites here  

Follow up to diving for colored seahorse at Pulau Sembilans divesites is a must this November-December 2008 as these beautiful creatures offer much opportunities to underwater photographers of all levels. The orange color, gold color, white and grey color specimens and even the black ones are good variations and opportunities.  

Other surprises like pipefish, razorfish,frogfish, turtles and numerous varieties of nudibranch which are different from those on the east coast islands is a pleasnt surprise.  

Unless special arrangements are made, Pulau Jarak divesites seem out of bounds at times and unless people are prepared to waste some time( if it happens that Malaysian Navy Boats shoo diveboats out of the shallows of P Jarak) it is a better choice to dive around the safe vicinity of P Sembilans, which is a cluster of more than nine islands.  

Boarding is at Hutan Melintang, a quaint fishing village nearby Teluk Intan.To get there from Kuala Lumpur is a 2.5 hrs drive on the coastal road from Sg Buloh or via the Klang route which is very similar. Common checkpoints include passing Kuala Selangor, then Tg Karang, followed by Sekinchan, Sg Besar, Sabak Bernam and finally arriving at Simpang Empat traffic lights (crossroad). Heading 9 oclock (left turn) will get you to Hutan Melintang where sign boards will ensure you do not miss this turn.After this turn, it is just a straight road for abt 2 km where the jetty is at the roadside at the end of this stretch. However follow the road to turn right but remember to pull over to the left immediately after doing the right turn.The frontage of the jetty is a 3 storey shoplot ( snooker centre at ground floor) and the carpark is just opposite this building in a gated open space.  

Highlights of dive sites includes Highway, Pinnacles, Anemone Garden,Whip Coral Garden, Snappers Den, Moray Harem and South point.  

Marine sightings includes schooling Big-eyed Jacks,Tuna and Barracudas and frequently Giant Trevallys and Sailfish flights into the air.  

Turtles,various moray eels and endless counts of other interesting sea creatures.  

Those interested in some recreational night fishing and catching squids will be able to enjoy this interesting night activity after all the diving’s done and weather permitting.  


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