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To experience Adventure with Kaleebso, kindly contact


Name : Mr. Loh Khay Lee

Email :

Contact : 012-398 0875


Name : Ms. Mary
Contact : 012-373 9855


Name : Bob Tan

Email :

Contact : 012-201 6177


14 Responses

  1. Hi,

    Just wonder, what will be the charges to charter the whole cruise? and what is the maximum capacity? We are planning the trip in March 2009.
    Kin tat

  2. Is the food halal?

  3. What is the best seasons to go to Palau ??

  4. Need to know the price, is it halal food and can do activities beside diving such as fishing?

  5. Hi Capten Khay Lee & Famous Chef of Mary :

    Sorry for my very delayed action as i was so much tight up with family matters; Anyway, appreciate alot for having greatest adventure experience with u guys..
    Pls do visit de above website as i have uploaded most of de photos in slide show.

  6. hi,
    Is the food halal?
    is the food cooked by muslim?


    • We dont hv official halal status on the food served onboard but we do not serve any pork onboard. We hv muslim crew onboard .

  7. Hi khay Lee & mary,
    your old website is still exisitng, some friends search for kaleebso and went into old site with old schedules. got them confused up, thought whole year season fully booked. just for info.

    hopr to see you two in august

    • hi James
      glad you came to the latest website. All the info to plan a trip are readily available or pls call me at 012-3980875 for anything else. cheers
      K Lee

  8. I am wondering if the dives on the west coast,how many dive sites do u go to and where?where do i embark on road to be able to go on your boat??

    • hi …trips on west coast are to Pulau Sembilan and occasionally to Jarak. P Sembilan is more friendly with adequate shelter from local weather with its numerous islands. Usually a 2D2N trip meets most diver requirements like skill developing training and macro photography for leisure. There are 4 day dives and 1 night dive for Saturday (1st dive day) and 3 day dives for Sunday. The most popular macro photo subject is the seahorse, a rare subject in most dive site in Malaysia but fairly common here. They come in various color shades loke orange, yellow , grey, black etc.

  9. Hi Khay Lee, nice to see you getting the hang on wordpress… =) See you after Chinese New Year.. the domain needs to be renewed then.. haha

    My regards to Mary as well.. Take care and enjoy diving.. Merry Christmas & a Good New Year ahead….

  10. Hi –

    Could you give us a street address for your location in Hutan Melintang or post driving directions from KL so we can find you?


  11. Is the diving count limited? how many times per day?

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