Diving at Pulau Jarak off Perak coast 2010

Diving at Jarak starts November 2010 to Mar 2011. Along the same route is Pulau Sembilans, a cluster of small island off  Bagan Datoh which is one of the few divesites in Malaysia that holds the coloured seahorse whose colour ranges from black , grey, white to the bright orange.

Jarak is popular with divers who sought a quiet diving weekend trip nearby while the monsoon rain and winds batter the East coast divesites. This site is also good for sailfish sightings during the day and often just under the boats spotlights at night. Those interested in some recreational fishing at night after the days diving will not be disappointed with the variety of pelagic fish like trevallys and bottom feeders like groupers and snappers.

Popular divesites are moray harem, highway, snappers den, coral whip garden and the pinnacle.